A true freediver is a silent observer of themselves
and the magical world underwater.
They do not seek to disturb or alter what they see.
emma farrell

scotland expeditions



Scotland by air, sea and land...


Discover Scotland on board of our expedition boat, the Lady Kate. 

Experience the Scottish West Coast  as never seen before, from some very unique angles!

Come and join us on this unforgettable trip that will lead you to the remote and beautiful Western Isles.

Kayak and snorkel with grey seals, get real close up with puffins and basking sharks.

Get up to the highest peak of Great Britain, Ben Nevis and enjoy the view from a motor paraglide above! 


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Please note:

Flights to Scotland: Scotland has two main international airports served by many airlines and they are well connected with mainland Europe. It is easy and convenient to book your flights online but should you have any problems  with choosing your flight, we are more than happy to help and advise you. 

(magyarul) http://northernwhalesexpeditions.co.uk/evcms_medias/upload/files/skocia__maskepp.pdf


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